Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Birds:)

As I mentioned before I love birds on the Christmas tree. For me birds symbolize life and hope for Spring. Here is some of my Christmas bird collection. I have had some of these birds since childhood and others are newer. I buy at least one special bird that catches my eye each Christmas season. Sometimes friends or family will give me a bird. It is lovely to remember their thoughtfulness each time I hang their bird on my tree. I love to unwrap the tissue paper from each ornament, and find the perfect spot for each special one on the tree. It brings back so many happy memories with each ornament that is hung. When I was younger one of my favorite Christmas traditions was hanging the decorations on the tree with my Mom. As we hung the ornaments we would share memories of them, and past Christmas's.


Darlene said...

Hey girl,
It has been a while since I visited...sorry about that.

LOVE your birdies on your tree. I scanned down through your posts....everything is looking so pretty and festive in your home.

Susan said...

I am not a bird person, but those ornaments are amazing! Wowsa!

visita said...

Lindo esses enfeites de natal!!!