Thursday, December 4, 2008

Poor Little Pepsi - Surgery Again!

Our Pepsi is having surgery again today. Last Summer she injured her right ear and a blood clot formed in her ear. She had to have surgery to remove the clot and form scar tissue in the ear to prevent it from happening again. All went well and her ear did form the scar tissue. Thanks to her vet we haven't had any problems with her right ear at all. Well, fast forward to November. We gave Pepsi her Thanksgiving bath so she would smell good for the family and not offend anyone with dirty fur. She must have whacked her left ear on something hard while shaking her body after we dried her off. Shortly after her bath I noticed a small fluid pocket in her left ear. It was another clot. On Monday she had a visit with her vet, and he recommended surgery again. So today she will have surgery on her left ear. We all feel so bad for her, but it must be done. She has been a really healthy dog other than the ear problem. We love her like one of the family. We hope that all goes well with this ear surgery and that plenty of scar tissue forms so this won't happen again. Please say a prayer that all goes well with her during and after her surgery.
These are pictures after her last surgery. If you click on them you can see her ear better


Anonymous said...

Poor Pepsi... surgery scarred ears.... When it comes to our pet (furry family members) we do what's necessary to keep them healthy and happy and pain free. Hugs to your sweet furry child.


A New England Life said...

How sad. I hope the surgery goes well today. It hurts to see our animals in pain, doesn't it. Pepsi seems like such a sweet dog especially when I see the pictures of him with your son.

Hopefully this will be the last of the ear problems.

Nice blog!


Liz said...

Bless her sweet heart, I'll say a prayer for her today. I cant stand to see animals in pain.

bec4 said...

I am so sorry about Pepsi--poor thing! Also--I am sorry the plate broke--I must not have wrapped it well enough,but I am glad you have enjoyed the other things. Give Pepsi a scratch for me!