Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Red With White Polka Dots!

light on

light off

top of my fridge

Cute little rooster and hen that belonged to my Grandma.

She had them in her kitchen too.

I saw these cute little plastic red with white polka dots lamp shades at a flea market that I went to. I just had to have them. I had the milk glass hobnail lamps already. I thought they went perfectly with the red and white shades. I decided that they needed one more thing to make them even more cute. So I tied black with polka dots ribbons around the shades to finish them off. For now they are sitting on top of my refrigerator in my kitchen. I wanted to have them on the counter tops, but they were too tall. I may relocate them to the office when we get around to renovating that room. They have a really lovely warm glow when I turn them on in the evening.


Liz said...

Ok. I'm officialy jealous of those lamps. :)

Crafty Niche said...

Those lamps are cute! I love the significance of the roosters. I need to get to the flea market! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the lamps.... I am a rooster fan and had many of them in my kitchen in Arizona... our house here in Viriginia does not have a large enough kitchen so alas.... had to put some away... *sniff sniff....


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Omigosh...I LOVE your blog! I adore polka dots....and milkglass...so your lamps are right down my alley. Your roosters from your Grandma go perfectly. Thanks for stopping by. cherry

bec4 said...

Those lamps are adorable, and so is all of your Christmas decorating. Hey, did you ever receive your prize? I hope so!

Kitsch n Chaos said...

It's amazing - the shades look exactly like a pair I sold last summer at the Wadena Flea and Craft Market. You’ve coupled them nicely with the hobnob lamps. I am glad they went to a good home!

Hope you can make it back this summer. We open again the first weekend in May. Take care!

Sue Flagg
Wadena Flea and Craft Market
Open weekends, May through October