Sunday, November 30, 2008

Silver Tinsel Wreath

I found this silver tinsel wreath at a store the other day. Now, I do understand that this is as far away from a real pine, natural wreath as you can get. It screams "I'M FAUX" for sure. However when I saw it something spoke to me. I told my husband "go look at that silver wreath and tell me if I am crazy for wanting it." He looked at it, came back with it, and put it in the cart. He never did tell me if I was crazy or not;) When I saw that strange silver wreath it brought back wonderful memories of my Grandma. My Mom told me that Grandma used to have a similar Christmas wreath hanging on her door when I was a young child. Although, she did say Grandma's was gold. I am sure that is the reason I felt I just had to have it. It looked a little plain, to me. So I thought I would take some holiday stuff I already had and jazz it up a bit. It has a bit of a vintage/retro look, I think. Feel free to leave complements, comments, or if you do think I am crazy, you can tell me that if you like;)

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Anonymous said...

Yes. very faux but so are your other Christmas decor items.... gotta go with what fits and this wreath definitely fits. It's pretty.... very retro. Good job!

The Blue Ridge Gal